Why choose Bigby Valley CBD?

This may be the most important question of all! Here at Bigby Valley Farm, LLC (Farm home to Bigbyvalleycbd.com) we are dedicated to cultivating the finest Cannabis Sativa (HEMP) possible. As a small family owned operation we take many great steps to ensure that all of the products we offer are produced with the utmost care and enthusiasm from our naturally grown hemp plants. We cultivate all of our plants organically using only 100% Natural inputs and take pride in providing our customers with the some of highest quality Craft Cannabis Sativa (HEMP) available. Never will you find any harsh fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides being used on our farm. Here is a question you must ask any company in the hemp space today: “How are your plants cultivated?” It is so very important to know the source of the plants being grown that make their way into any hemp product you intend to purchase. All of the products you find here have been 3rd party tested and fall within St. of TN and Federal guidelines. At Bigby Valley Farm, LLC we are an open book and encourage visitors to our farm. We love to talk hemp!