Get ready for the Creme De La Creme! You’re about to enter the….. FLOWER ZONE!

We farm our exclusive flower plots much differently than the biomass production fields. Our flower plots are our gardens. These plots get daily attention in order to produce the finest smoke available! In these gardens you’ll find the richest soils on the farm. Finely tuned living soils result in healthy vibrant plants. We grow several strains annually in our outdoor gardens while harvesting up to 4 exquisite indoor rotations. Along with our stringent IPM and watering regiment, living soils invite the fragrant and flavorful terpenes to explode while also encouraging high cannabinoid percentages. Frequent organic supplements are added throughout the grow cycle to insure the plants progress healthily and happily. Selective pruning and manicuring aid in this process as well. Outdoors we encourage a hard working army of beneficial insects to help out throughout the season. 
While growing is only half the battle for providing premium quality hemp flower the war can be lost in harvest and post harvest. We take great care to come out winners during this process. Only the best flower is chosen for our smokeable selections. Meticulous care is taken with each clip of the pruners. Flowers are pre trimmed in the field during harvest removing the larger fan leaves. At that point they’re brought into our climate controlled drying and processing area for a final trim. Once dry and conforming to our stringent standards the flower is placed into glass jars for curing. This old school method has been proven effective and it insures a robust smooth smoking product for our consumers.

It takes all of these painstaking steps to achieve the quality we strive for here at BVF. Don’t take our word for it. Try it and let us know what you think. After all...that’s what really counts!

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