What are the differences between Hemp CBD Oil, Hemp Flower and CBD Topicals?

The main difference in the various forms of CBD products is in the delivery method. 

Hemp CBD Oil can provide a fast delivery of benefits and effects when taken sublingually (under your tongue). For a slower delivery into the bloodstream, it can be swallowed or added to food or beverages.

Hemp Flower provides the fastest delivery of benefits and effects into the bloodstream when it is smoked or vaped. Hemp flower that is cooked in food or infused with tea provide a slower delivery, over time, with a time-lapsed release of CBD into the bloodstream. As a result the effects tend to last longer than smoking but this relates directly to each individuals metabolism and biological make-up.  Cannabutter is an often used method of intake. Olive Oil and Coconut Oil are very good options as well. Any lipid infusion requires decarboxylation of the raw flower or biomass beforehand.  

CBD Topicals provide a fast external delivery of benefits when applied to targeted areas of the body. Topical CBD applications can provide quick relief to sore muscles and joints as well as deliver soothing benefits to the skin. Don’t hesitate to apply select topicals to small scrapes or burns. It can be very soothing! We must mention to be sure to test topical products on a small area of the skin when essential oils are present.