What are the best ways to use hemp flower?

The most common way to use hemp flower is to smoke it or vape it, which provide the fastest delivery of benefits and enjoyment. However, hemp flower can also be used in cooking or blended with your favorite tea. In cooking, hemp flower can be decarboxylated (activating the cannabinoids by use of heat) and infused into carrier oils or butter. This is also known as lipid extraction. There are lots of good YouTube videos that can be found to be helpful. You can also finely grind decarboxylated flower and simply place the ground product directly into baked goods. I personally use decarboxylated flower on salads and even main course dishes! It’s a very nice method of intake and can easily be added to your favorite meals when dining out. This is also a good choice for enthusiasts who prefer not to smoke but want to enjoy the targeted benefits of specific hemp strains. It’s furthermore a great option for creating your own personal blends.