Our Story

Bigby Valley Farm, LLC is a Craft Cannabis Company established in 2019. Our mission: Provide naturally cultivated premium hemp derived products that meet the medicinal needs of our consumers. We believe for the consumer to be fully comfortable and confident with hemp derived products they must first know the source of such products. In our opinion this is an important factor in choosing the various products available in today’s market. Our motto echos this. "Know your Source". We encourage folks to inquire into the growing methods and production of our plants and products.

You may ask, "What exactly is Craft Cannabis and what makes it unique?" The answer is quite simple. "Craft" or “artisanal” can be best described as small batch or limited production. "Craft" for us means that every product we offer is derived from only the finest hemp grown right here at Bigby Valley Farm (BVF). Each batch of new products that we offer is third party tested for compliance. We do not out source any flower or consumer products in order to bulk up our inventory. If it's offered on this site then it was produced from the plants grown on this farm. 

The Grow
We face many challenges growing Cannabis Sativa (HEMP) in our region due mainly to our climate conditions. You never know what mother nature will serve up. These challenges are what we appreciate about the effort put forth in producing a premium quality product. Our grow is 100% Natural. We use only certified organic inputs in our grows whether indoor or outdoor. Everything here is soil grown, the way nature intended. We would be lying if we said everything we grow is a winner. Fact is it's not. Some genetics simply do not perform well in our region. We cultivate several outdoor strains each season and dial in the best genetics that work for us. As more genetics become available we continue to run test plots for various strains in order to identify which cultivars are favorable to our fickle climate. However, even though some strains do not perform well outside, we find that in many cases we achieve better results growing indoors. Our brand new indoor facility is a great addition to our farming and production operation. This modest facility serves as our quaint on-site gift shop for farm visitors.
Just in case you’re interested here’s a little insight as to the layout of our farm. We grow in several different plots throughout the farm. We lease a section of the adjacent farm (Thank you neighbor!) for our large biomass production field. Each plot is unique in its own way. On the northern side of the farm you’ll find our mounded rows. The soils in this area were tested and brought in from another local farm and have been amended by us over time thus providing a choice grow area for our smokeable flower line up. Another area, labeled our premium garden area, is home to 18 naturally bordered raised beds. We’ve filled these beds with amended soil blends to create a living soil (we strive to provide living soils in all growing areas). This is a farm favorite area to be sure! Just across the tree line lies a field plot which slopes naturally to the southwest. Here we drill each plant site and amend the soils accordingly. This plot serves as our primary test plot and is used to produce biomass for oil production as well as researching the next favorite smokeable flower strain! Our largest plot is our main biomass field. We can grow up to two thousand plants comfortably in this area. Yields from this area are processed for concentrated oil and/or terpene extraction. Here you will find a combination of CBD and CBG prominent varieties. 

Throughout, there are designated areas for our beneficial cropping areas. These plots encourage our "good bug" population to feel right at home after having a long day of battling the many species of "bad bugs" around the farm. This may be one of the most interesting aspects of the entire farm. The “good bugs” do a lot of the work for us! Occasionally we bring in beneficial insects to aid in the ongoing bug battle. Once brought in we want them to be happy and remain here for generations. As if that isn’t enough we also have several plots around the farm for vegetables and melons. 
With all that said we are glad you're here and hope that you'll find all you need. Check back often as we're always working to develop more amazing products for you to enjoy.